Substructural Logics

A collection of papers originating from a conference held 1990
at the University of T\"ubingen is now available.

Kosta Do\{v}sen & Peter Schroeder-Heister (Eds.),
Substructural Logics. 
Oxford University Press 1993.
ISBN 0-19-853777-8.
UK-Price: GBP 40.00, US-Price:  approx.  USD 60.00.

(On cover and title page of the printed edition the
editors are listed in non-alphabetical order. This is due
to an error by the publisher. It does not express any rank order.)  



A Historical Introduction to Substructural Logics
K. Do\v{s}en 

Life in the Undistributed Middle
N. Belnap 

Theorems in Classical Logic are Instances of Theorems in Condensed
BCI Logic
M.W. Bunder  

Partial Gaggles Applied to Logics with Restricted Structural Rules
J.M. Dunn 

A General Theory of Structured Consequence Relations
D.M. Gabbay  

Decidability and Interpolation for a First-Order Relevance Logic
A. Kron 

Logic without Structural Rules (Another Look at Cut Elimination)
J. Lambek 

>From Categorial Grammar to Bilinear Logic
J. Lambek  

The Semantics of Entailment 0
R.K. Meyer and E.D. Mares 

Semantics for Substructural Logics
H. Ono 

The Semantics of Pretopologies
G. Sambin  

Lambda-Terms with Functional Symbols and Decidability in
Certain Closed Categories
S. V. Soloviev 

Tutorial on Linear Logic
A.S. Troelstra 

The Landscape of Deduction
J. van Benthem  


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