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Portability non-portable (GHC extensions)
Stability internal
Maintainer cvs-ghc@haskell.org
The Enum and Bounded classes.
class Bounded a where
minBound :: a
maxBound :: a
Bounded CChar
Bounded CSChar
Bounded CUChar
Bounded CShort
Bounded CUShort
Bounded CInt
Bounded CUInt
Bounded CLong
Bounded CULong
Bounded CLLong
Bounded CULLong
Bounded CPtrdiff
Bounded CSize
Bounded CWchar
Bounded CSigAtomic
Bounded CClock
Bounded CTime
Bounded ()
(Bounded a, Bounded b) => Bounded (a, b)
(Bounded a, Bounded b, Bounded c) => Bounded (a, b, c)
(Bounded a, Bounded b, Bounded c, Bounded d) => Bounded (a, b, c, d)
Bounded Bool
Bounded Ordering
Bounded Char
Bounded Int
Bounded Int8
Bounded Int16
Bounded Int32
Bounded Int64
Bounded Word
Bounded Word8
Bounded Word16
Bounded Word32
Bounded Word64
Bounded CIno
Bounded CMode
Bounded COff
Bounded CPid
Bounded CSsize
Bounded CGid
Bounded CNlink
Bounded CUid
Bounded CTcflag
Bounded CRLim
Bounded Fd
Bounded Month
Bounded Day
class Enum a where
succ :: a -> a
pred :: a -> a
toEnum :: Int -> a
fromEnum :: a -> Int
enumFrom :: a -> [a]
enumFromThen :: a -> a -> [a]
enumFromTo :: a -> a -> [a]
enumFromThenTo :: a -> a -> a -> [a]
Enum CChar
Enum CSChar
Enum CUChar
Enum CShort
Enum CUShort
Enum CInt
Enum CUInt
Enum CLong
Enum CULong
Enum CLLong
Enum CULLong
Enum CFloat
Enum CDouble
Enum CLDouble
Enum CPtrdiff
Enum CSize
Enum CWchar
Enum CSigAtomic
Enum CClock
Enum CTime
Enum ()
Enum Bool
Enum Ordering
Enum Char
Enum Int
Enum Float
Enum Double
Enum SeekMode
Enum IOMode
Enum Int8
Enum Int16
Enum Int32
Enum Int64
Enum Integer
Integral a => Enum (Ratio a)
Enum Word
Enum Word8
Enum Word16
Enum Word32
Enum Word64
Enum CDev
Enum CIno
Enum CMode
Enum COff
Enum CPid
Enum CSsize
Enum CGid
Enum CNlink
Enum CUid
Enum CCc
Enum CSpeed
Enum CTcflag
Enum CRLim
Enum Fd
Enum Month
Enum Day
boundedEnumFrom :: (Enum a, Bounded a) => a -> [a]
boundedEnumFromThen :: (Enum a, Bounded a) => a -> a -> [a]
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