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Portability portable
Stability provisional
Maintainer ffi@haskell.org
Mapping of C types to corresponding Haskell types.
data CChar
Read CChar
Show CChar
Typeable CChar
Eq CChar
Ord CChar
Num CChar
Enum CChar
Storable CChar
Bounded CChar
Real CChar
Integral CChar
Bits CChar
data CSChar
Read CSChar
Show CSChar
Typeable CSChar
Eq CSChar
Ord CSChar
Num CSChar
Enum CSChar
Storable CSChar
Bounded CSChar
Real CSChar
Integral CSChar
Bits CSChar
data CUChar
Read CUChar
Show CUChar
Typeable CUChar
Eq CUChar
Ord CUChar
Num CUChar
Enum CUChar
Storable CUChar
Bounded CUChar
Real CUChar
Integral CUChar
Bits CUChar
data CShort
Read CShort
Show CShort
Typeable CShort
Eq CShort
Ord CShort
Num CShort
Enum CShort
Storable CShort
Bounded CShort
Real CShort
Integral CShort
Bits CShort
data CUShort
Read CUShort
Show CUShort
Typeable CUShort
Eq CUShort
Ord CUShort
Num CUShort
Enum CUShort
Storable CUShort
Bounded CUShort
Real CUShort
Integral CUShort
Bits CUShort
data CInt
Read CInt
Show CInt
Typeable CInt
Eq CInt
Ord CInt
Num CInt
Enum CInt
Storable CInt
Bounded CInt
Real CInt
Integral CInt
Bits CInt
data CUInt
Read CUInt
Show CUInt
Typeable CUInt
Eq CUInt
Ord CUInt
Num CUInt
Enum CUInt
Storable CUInt
Bounded CUInt
Real CUInt
Integral CUInt
Bits CUInt
data CLong
Read CLong
Show CLong
Typeable CLong
Eq CLong
Ord CLong
Num CLong
Enum CLong
Storable CLong
Bounded CLong
Real CLong
Integral CLong
Bits CLong
data CULong
Read CULong
Show CULong
Typeable CULong
Eq CULong
Ord CULong
Num CULong
Enum CULong
Storable CULong
Bounded CULong
Real CULong
Integral CULong
Bits CULong
data CPtrdiff
Read CPtrdiff
Show CPtrdiff
Typeable CPtrdiff
Eq CPtrdiff
Ord CPtrdiff
Num CPtrdiff
Enum CPtrdiff
Storable CPtrdiff
Bounded CPtrdiff
Real CPtrdiff
Integral CPtrdiff
Bits CPtrdiff
data CSize
Read CSize
Show CSize
Typeable CSize
Eq CSize
Ord CSize
Num CSize
Enum CSize
Storable CSize
Bounded CSize
Real CSize
Integral CSize
Bits CSize
data CWchar
Read CWchar
Show CWchar
Typeable CWchar
Eq CWchar
Ord CWchar
Num CWchar
Enum CWchar
Storable CWchar
Bounded CWchar
Real CWchar
Integral CWchar
Bits CWchar
data CSigAtomic
Read CSigAtomic
Show CSigAtomic
Typeable CSigAtomic
Eq CSigAtomic
Ord CSigAtomic
Num CSigAtomic
Enum CSigAtomic
Storable CSigAtomic
Bounded CSigAtomic
Real CSigAtomic
Integral CSigAtomic
Bits CSigAtomic
data CLLong
Read CLLong
Show CLLong
Typeable CLLong
Eq CLLong
Ord CLLong
Num CLLong
Enum CLLong
Storable CLLong
Bounded CLLong
Real CLLong
Integral CLLong
Bits CLLong
data CULLong
Read CULLong
Show CULLong
Typeable CULLong
Eq CULLong
Ord CULLong
Num CULLong
Enum CULLong
Storable CULLong
Bounded CULLong
Real CULLong
Integral CULLong
Bits CULLong
data CClock
Read CClock
Show CClock
Typeable CClock
Eq CClock
Ord CClock
Num CClock
Enum CClock
Storable CClock
Bounded CClock
Real CClock
Integral CClock
Bits CClock
data CTime
Read CTime
Show CTime
Typeable CTime
Eq CTime
Ord CTime
Num CTime
Enum CTime
Storable CTime
Bounded CTime
Real CTime
Integral CTime
Bits CTime
data CFloat
Read CFloat
Show CFloat
Typeable CFloat
Eq CFloat
Ord CFloat
Num CFloat
Enum CFloat
Storable CFloat
Real CFloat
Fractional CFloat
Floating CFloat
RealFrac CFloat
RealFloat CFloat
data CDouble
Read CDouble
Show CDouble
Typeable CDouble
Eq CDouble
Ord CDouble
Num CDouble
Enum CDouble
Storable CDouble
Real CDouble
Fractional CDouble
Floating CDouble
RealFrac CDouble
RealFloat CDouble
data CLDouble
Read CLDouble
Show CLDouble
Typeable CLDouble
Eq CLDouble
Ord CLDouble
Num CLDouble
Enum CLDouble
Storable CLDouble
Real CLDouble
Fractional CLDouble
Floating CLDouble
RealFrac CLDouble
RealFloat CLDouble
data CFile
data CFpos
data CJmpBuf
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