CSE 480/CIS 700: Real-Time and Embedded Systems

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Dec 16. Next Tuesday (Dec 19) we will meet in Levine 315 from 1:30-4pm. Please have your project demonstration ready by then so you can show it.

Nov 22. In Assignment 6, the highscore table is optional.

Oct 10. Due to the help of Alex and Jimmy, now all boards use the 20 MHz oscillator. So use #pragma config OSC = HS.

Oct 9. You can use the UART, the USART, or the EU(S)ART, whichever serves your needs best.

Oct 8. If you want to use the interrupt INT0 connected to port RB0, you should turn off the ADC. You can do this either via the configuration bits or via #pragma config PBADEN = OFF.

Oct 5. For assignment 5, we will 5 minute presentations and discussions during the lecture of three submissions (no slides, just an oral description based on the one page summary and a demo). The presenters will be pseudorandomly selected.

Oct 2. The usb driver for the ICD2 is located in this directory: C:\Program Files\Microchip\MPLAB IDE\ICD2\Drivers

Sept 30. Changes to Assignment 4: Part 2b is no longer an assignment; I will explain some details about it next Tuesday.

Sept 29. Changes to Assignment 4: For part 2a please use button RA4, since RB0 is also connected to LED RB0.

Sept 19. Use #pragma config OSC = HS, when you have problems entering the debug mode on the boards.
Sept 19.
The lab is closed for the lecture until this Thursday, because we have a demo upcomming and need the boards.


Assignments Due Date Addon Material
Assignment 1 Sep 14 C18 Getting Started (pdf)
C18 User Guide (pdf)
MPLab User Guide (pdf)
PIC18F2680 Specification (pdf)
PICDEM2 User Guide (pdf)
Assignment 2 Sept 19 Handed out during the lecture.
Assignment 3 Sept 26 Handed out during the lecture.
Assignment 4 Oct 3 None
Assignment 5 Oct 12 None
Assignment 6 Nov 28 www.picos18.com
Project Dec 19

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