Advances in Linear Logic (corrected)

The table of contents of "Advance in Linear Logic" was wrong in my previous  
message. In particular, one article was missing. Please accept my apologies.
Yves Lafont


Linear Logic: its syntax and semantics: J.-Y. GIRARD

Part I. Categories and semantics

Bilinear logic in algebra and linguistics: J. LAMBEK
A category arising in linear logic, complexity theory and set theory: A. BLASS
Hypercoherences: a strongly stable model of linear logic: T. ERHARD

Part II. Complexity and expressivity

Deciding provability of linear logic formulas: P. D. LINCOLN
The direct simulation of Minsky machines in linear logic: M. I. KANOVICH
Stochastic interaction and linear logic: P. D. LINCOLN, J. MITCHELL & A.  
Inheritance with exceptions: C. FOUQUERE & J. VAUZEILLES

Part III. Proof theory

On the fine structure of the exponential rule: S. MARTINI & A. MASINI
Sequent calculi for second order logic: V. DANOS, J.-B. JOINET & H. SCHELLINX

Part IV. Proof nets

>From proof nets to interaction nets: Y. LAFONT
Empires and kingdoms in MLL-: G. BELLIN & J. VAN DE WIELE
Noncommutative proof nets: V. M. ABRUSCI
Volume of multiplicative formulas and provability: F. METAYER

Part V. Geometry of interaction

Proof nets and the Hilbert space: V. DANOS & L. REGNIER
Geometry of interacion III: accomodating the additives: J.-Y. GIRARD