paper: from Chu spaces to cpos

I would like to announce the following paper:


to appear in: Chris Hankin, Ian Mackie and Raja Nagarajan, eds.,
Proceedings of the Second Imperial College Department of Computing, Workshop on
Theory and Formal Methods, Moller Center, Cambridge, UK, 11-14 September 1994,
World Scientific Publishing Co., 1995.


We present models of full classical linear logic, whose Kleisli categories
for the exponential comonad are cartesian closed categories of topological 
spaces and continuous functions.  One of these categories is dcpos and
Scott-continuous functions and another one its full subcategory given by the
dcpos with bottom. They turn out to be proper subcategories of a cartesian
closed category of topological spaces satisfying an ``anti-separation''
axiom which we think is new.

The paper is available by ftp at the Imperial College archives:


and is also linked to my home page:  http://theory.doc.ic.ac.uk/~gfl

Francois Lamarche