Availability of the linear logic programming language Lygon

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	This message is to announce the availability of the programming
language Lygon. Lygon is a logic programming language based on linear
logic, and hence is a generalisation of (pure) Prolog. Due to the
resource-oriented nature of linear logic, Lygon can be used to provide
simple and elegant solutions for graph manipulations, bin packing
problems, counting programs, and programs which requiring reasoning
about state.

	Lygon can be executed on a variety of architectures, and the
implementation includes a variety of facilities to support debugging.
Lygon is freely available, and feedback on any aspect of the language
is most welcome.

	More information (including how to obtain the system) may be found 
on the Lygon WWW page at 


	or via email from 

	James Harland (jah@cs.rmit.edu.au) or 
	Michael Winikoff (winikoff@cs.mu.oz.au)