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What's New in 1.1?

The JDK 1.1 release added a lot of new features that Java programmers have been clammoring for. This lesson lists and briefly describes these new features, shows you where to find documentation about the features, and notes where information in the tutorial is affected by these changes.

New Features in 1.1

The new features in 1.1 are listed below. Click the links to jump to a brief summary of the feature. The summaries will link you to further documentation.

How the 1.1 Release Affects Existing Trails

The JDK 1.1 release changed some features that were already documented in the tutorial for 1.0.2. As many popular browsers still don't support 1.1, it's premature to completely update the tutorial to 1.1. Instead, where the tutorial describes features in the JDK that changed for 1.1, we provide links to notes that describes what changed, how to migrate your code to the new technology, and often, example code.

You can find these notes in the context of the lesson, or start here, and read all the notes as a sort of introduction to what changed in 1.1. Either way, you'll want to know How the 1.1 Note Links Work.

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