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How the 1.1 Note Links Work

The following trails cover features added after the JDK 1.0.2 release:

Integrating Native Code and Java Programs
The JavaBeans(tm) Tutorial
To 1.1 -- And Beyond!

The rest of the tutorial, unless otherwise noted, reflects the 1.0.2 release of the JDK. Much of the 1.0.2 material is still valid, but some of it doesn't apply to programs that use 1.1 features. When most of our readers have upgraded, we'll update the entire tutorial to reflect 1.1. In the meantime, we've added notes that point out material that is affected by 1.1.

Within the text of many lessons, you'll find note links, which look like this: (1.1notes). Note links are usually in a header and indicate that the section gives information that's affected by 1.1 changes.

A note link takes you to a file that contains all of the notes for the current lesson. For example, all the JDK 1.1 notes for the lesson Using System Resources are in this notes file: java/system/_1_1notes.html. For each note link in the lesson, the _1_1notes.html file contains a short note like this:

The Standard I/O Streams
The System class sports three new methods that allow you to reassign the standard I/O streams. See 1.1 Changes: System Class.

The first line of the note has the same name as the section that contains the note link. Clicking it takes you to that section. The note then summarizes the change and gives a link to a page where you can find detailed information and updated examples.

We had several goals when designing this system of notes:

We hope you find this structure and the information useful.

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