Norman I. Badler

Director, Center for Human Modeling and Simulation

Professor, Computer and Information Science Department

Director and Faculty Advisor: DIGITAL MEDIA DESIGN Undergraduate SEAS BSE Degree

Faculty Executive Director: Computer Graphics and Game Technology Masters (MSE) Degree

University of Pennsylvania

School of Engineering and Applied Science

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The Center for Human Modeling and Simulation:

The overall goals of the Center for Human Modeling and Simulation are the investigation of computer graphics modeling and animation techniques, especially for synthetic humans. The HMS Center originated the Jack software. Major focii are in real-time, behavior-based animation of human movement and understanding the relationship between human movement, natural language, instructions and communication.

How to reach me

Levine 304

Computer and Information Science Department
University of Pennsylvania
3330 Walnut Street
Philadelphia, PA 19104-6389

Email: badler AT seas DOT upenn DOT edu
Phone: 215-898-5862
Fax: 215-573-7453

Research Interests

Ph.D. Research at University of Toronto in computer understanding of three-dimensional moving object motions from movie images; this work was the first to build general 3-D motion models from perspective image sequences. Early research at University of Pennsylvania into effective methods for graphical representation of complex objects using solid and surface models. Speciality in human figure modeling and animation, especially with respect to the problems of motion specification and control. Recent research on virtual embodied human agents, including fast motion generators, Parameterized Action Representation (PAR), instruction generation and validation, and other funded research projects. The Center for Human Modeling and Simulation is the creator of the Jack software, used worldwide for human figure animation and human factors analysis. Jack is now commercially licensed by UGS (which bought Unigraphics, which bought Engineering Animation, Inc. which bought the first commercial home of Jack, Transom Technologies, Inc.)

Research Project links

Virtual Beings - What Role will they Play? -- Panel discussion at SIGGRAPH 2002. (free registration on Computer Graphics World website)

An article which discusses Penn's Center for Technology Transfer and the Jack spin-off...


Computer Graphics, CSE 460 / CIS 560 (Fall Term)
Virtual World Design, CSE 377 (Spring Term)
EMTM 500, Computer Visualization (EMTM Program)


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Check out the WAVE report.

Home repair, cooking and baking, dachshunds, stained glass, travel, and Philip Glass.

If you want to visit Schatze [RIP 8-29-02 at almost 17 years], Greta [RIP 9-17-04 at 14 years], Bruiser [RIP 3-11-01 at 12 years], and Holly [RIP] (clockwise from bottom), click here. How about Playful Bruiser? Or maybe Bruiser as the Cane-Doge. "Puppy" Josef.  Our first rescue dachshund: Kohle (a "standard").  Our second rescue: Magda (a white dachshund; a former breeder bitch from Texas).

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