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Features Required

As we have seen above, clauses may be <wh>=+ or <wh>=-, may have one of several complementizers or no complementizer, and can be of various clause types. The XTAG analysis uses three features to capture these possibilities: <comp> for the variation in complementizers, <wh> for the question vs. non-question alternation and <mode>8.5 for clause types. In addition to these three features, the <assign-comp> feature represents complementizer requirements of the embedded verb. More detailed discussion of the <assign-comp> feature appears below in the discussions of sentential subjects and of infinitives. The four features and their possible values are shown in Table 8.2.
Feature Values
<comp> that, if, whether, for, rel, nil
<mode> ind, inf, subjnt, ger, base, ppart, nom/prep
<assign-comp> that, if, whether, for, rel, ind nil, inf nil
<wh> +,-
{Summary of Relevant Features


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