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Idiom with V and N anchors: Tnx0VN1

This tree family is selected by transitive idioms that are anchored by a verb and noun. 8 idioms select this family.
draw blood, cry wolf
Graham's retort drew blood.
The neglected boy cried wolf.
Declarative tree:
See Figure 6.49.


{Declarative Idiom with V and N Anchors Tree: $\alpha$nx0VN1


Other available trees:
Subject relative clause with and without comp, adjunct relative clause with comp/with PP pied-piping, wh-moved subject, imperative, NP gerund, passive without by phrase, passive with by phrase, passive with wh-moved object of by phrase, passive with wh-moved by phrase, passive with relative on object of by phrase with and without comp.

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