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PP Small Clause with Sentential Subject, and Prep anchors: Ts0PPnx1

This tree family is selected by multi-word prepositions that take sentential subjects. In particular, this family is selected by two-word prepositions, where both words are prepositions. Both components of the multi-word preposition are anchors. The sentential subject can be indicative or infinitive. Small clauses are explained in much greater detail in section 9.3. 3 prepositions select this tree family.
outside of
that Mary did not complete the task on time is outside of the scope of this discussion .
Declarative tree:
See Figure 6.41.


{Declarative PP Small Clause with Sentential Subject Tree, with two-word preposition, where both words are prepositions: $\alpha$s0PPnx1


Other available trees:
wh-moved subject, relative clause on object of the PP with and without comp, adjunct (gap-less) relative clause with comp/with PP pied-piping.

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