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PP Small Clause: Tnx0Pnx1

This family is selected by prepositions that can occur in small clause constructions. For more information on small clause constructions, see section 9.3. This section is presented here for completeness. 39 prepositions select this tree family.
around, in, underneath
Chris is around the corner .
Trisha is in big trouble .
The dog is underneath the table .
Declarative tree:
See Figure 6.28.


{Declarative PP Small Clause Tree: $\alpha$nx0Pnx1


Other available trees:
wh-moved subject, wh-moved object of PP, relative clause on subject with and without comp, relative clause on object of PP with and without comp/with PP pied-piping, imperative, NP gerund, adjunct (gap-less) relative clause with comp/with PP pied-piping.

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