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Transitive Sentential Subject: Ts0Vnx1

The verbs that select this tree family all take sentential subjects, and are often referred to as `psych' verbs, since they all refer to some psychological state of mind. The sentential subject can be indicative (complementizer required) or infinitive (complementizer optional). 100 verbs that select this tree family.
delight, impress, surprise
that the tea had rosehips in it delighted Christy .
to even attempt a marathon impressed Dania .
For Jim to have walked the dogs surprised Beth .
Declarative tree:
See Figure 6.15.


{Declarative Sentential Subject Tree: $\alpha$s0Vnx1


Other available trees:
wh-moved subject, wh-moved object, subject relative clause with and without comp, adjunct (gap-less) relative clause with comp/with PP pied-piping.

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