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The XTAG grammar does handle one sort of verb pseudo-coordination. Semi-idiomatic phrases such as 'try and' and 'up and' (as in 'they might try and come today') are handled as multi-anchor modifiers rather than as true coordination. These items adjoin to a V node, using the VCONJv tree. This tree adjoins only to verbs in their base morphological (non-inflected) form. The verb anchor of the VCONJv must also be in its base form, as shown in examples ((439))-((441)). This blocks 3rd-person singular derivations, which are the only person morphologically marked in the present, except when an auxiliary verb is present or the verb is in the infinitive.
He tried and came yesterday.  (439)0(439
They try and exercise three times a week.  (440)0(440
He wants to try and sell the puppies. 

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