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Sentential Conjunction

The tree for sentential conjunction, shown in Figure 22.4, is based on the same analysis as the conjunctions in the previous two sections, with a slight difference in features. The <mode> feature22.2 is used to constrain the two sentences being conjoined to have the same mode so that the day is dark and the phone never rang is acceptable, but the day dark and the phone never rang is not. Similarly, the two sentences must agree in their <wh>, <comp> and <extracted> features. Co-indexation of the <comp> feature ensures that either both conjuncts have the same complementizer, or there is a single complementizer adjoined to the complete conjoined S. The <assign-comp> feature22.3 feature is used to allow conjunction of infinitival sentences, such as to read and to sleep is a good life.


{Tree for sentential conjunction: $\beta$s1CONJs2


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