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Multi-word Subordinating Conjunctions

We extracted a list of multi-word conjunctions, such as as if, in order, and for all (that), from [#!quirk85!#]. For the most part, the components of the complex are all anchors, as shown in Figures 16.2(a). In one case, as ADV as, there is a great deal of latitude in the choice of adverb, so this is a substitution site (Figures 16.2(b)). This multi-anchor treatment is very similar to that proposed for idioms in [#!AS89!#], and the analysis of light verbs in the XTAG grammar (see section 6.16).

ps/sent-adjs-files/ 0.5in ps/sent-adjs-files/
(a) 0.5in (b)

{Trees Anchored by Subordinating Conjunctions: $\beta$vxPARBPs and $\beta$vxParbPs


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