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Adjunct relative clauses

Two types of trees to handle adjunct relative clauses exist in the XTAG grammar: one in which there is PPw substitution with a null Comp built in and one in which there is a null NPw built in and a Comp substitutes in. There is no NPw substitution tree with a null Comp built in. This is because of the contrast between ((263)) and ((264)).
the day [[on whose predecessor] [C [Muriel left]]]  (263)0(263
*the day [[whose predecessor] [C [Muriel left]]] 

In general, adjunct relatives are not possible with an overt NPw. We do not consider ((265)) and ((266)) to be counterexamples to the above statements because we consider where and when to be exhaustive PPs that head a PP initial tree.

the place [where [C [Muriel wrote her first book]]]  (265)0(265
the time [when [C [Muriel lived in Bryn Mawr]]] 

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