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Types of control

In the literature on control, two types are often distinguished: obligatory control, as in sentences ((53)), ((54)), ((55)), and ((56)) and optional control, as in sentence ((57)).
Srinii promised Mickeyi [PROi to leave] .  (53)0(53
Srini persuaded Mickeyi [PROi to leave] .  (54)0(54
Srinii wanted [PROi to leave] .  (55)0(55
Christyi left the party early [PROi to go to the airport] .  (56)0(56
[PROarb/i to dance] is important for Billi . 

At present, an analysis for obligatory control into complement clauses (as in sentences ((53)), ((54)), and ((55))) has been implemented. An analysis for cases of obligatory control into adjunct clauses and optional control exists and can be found in [#!bhatt94!#].

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