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6th International Workshop on
Tree Adjoining Grammars and Related Frameworks

20-23 May 2002
Venice, Italy

TAG+6 Proceedings Style Files

Below are style sheets for the papers for the TAG+6 proceedings in both LaTeX and Word formats. So that we can have the volume produced in time, the deadline for (electronic) submission (to is April 26th. Please note that the maximum length of the written version of a paper for oral presentation is 10 pages, while the maximum for a poster presentation is 6 pages.

Style Files:

Word Style Files: Stylesheet.doc Template.doc
LaTeX Style Files: TAG+6 Tar File sample.tex sample.bib sample.pdf ling.sty tag+6.sty tag.bst
Deadline for Final Submission: April 26
Workshop Dates: May 20 to May 23

Contact Information:
Institute for Research in Cognitive Science
University of Pennsylvania
Philadelphia, PA 19104-6228
Telephone: (215) 898-0333
FAX: (215) 573-9247

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