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Nouns and Prepositions taking Sentential Complements

Trees: $\alpha $NXNs, $\beta $vxPs, $\beta $Pss, $\beta $nxPs, Tnx0N1s1, Tnx0A1s1.
Figure: Sample trees for preposition: $\beta $Pss (a) and noun: $\alpha $NXNs (b) taking sentential complements
\includegraphics[height=2.2in]{/mnt/linc/xtag/work/doc/tech-rept/ps/sent-comps-subjs-files/}   \includegraphics[height=1.57in]{/mnt/linc/xtag/work/doc/tech-rept/ps/sent-comps-subjs-files/}
(a)   (b)

Prepositions and nouns can also select sentential complements, using the trees listed above. These trees use the <mode> and <comp> features as shown in Figure 8.9. For example, the noun claim takes only indicative complements with that, while the preposition with takes small clause complements, as seen in sentences ((51))-((54)).
Beth's claim that Clove was a smart dog....  (51)0(51
$\ast$Beth's claim that Clove a smart dog....  (52)0(52
Dania wasn't getting any sleep with Doug sick.  (53)0(53
$\ast$Dania wasn't getting any sleep with Doug was sick. 

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