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The XTAG grammar does handle one sort of verb pseudo-coordination. Semi-idiomatic phrases such as 'try and' and 'up and' (as in 'they might try and come today') are handled as multi-anchor modifiers rather than as true coordination. These items adjoin to a V node, using the $\beta $VCONJv tree. This tree adjoins only to verbs in their base morphological (non-inflected) form. The verb anchor of the $\beta $VCONJv must also be in its base form, as shown in examples ((387))-((389)). This blocks 3rd-person singular derivations, which are the only person morphologically marked in the present, except when an auxiliary verb is present or the verb is in the infinitive.
$\ast$He tried and came yesterday.  (387)0(387
They try and exercise three times a week.  (388)0(388
He wants to try and sell the puppies. 

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