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Partial treatment of free-relatives

Free relatives are only partially handled. All free relatives on non-subject positions and some free relatives on subject positions are handled. The structure assigned to free relatives treats the extracted wh-NP as the head NP of the relative clause. The remaining relative clause modifies this extracted wh-NP (cf. (217)-(219)).
what(ever) [$\epsilon $w<<14228>>i [$\epsilon $C [Mary likes $\epsilon $i]]]  (217)0(217
where(ever) [$\epsilon $w [$\epsilon $C [Mary lives]]]  (218)0(218
who(ever) [$\epsilon $w<<14235>>i [$\epsilon $C [Muriel thinks [$\epsilon $i likes Mary]]]] 

However, simple subject extractions without further emebedding are not handled (cf. (220)).

who(ever) [$\epsilon $w<<14240>>i [$\epsilon $C [$\epsilon $i likes Bill]]] 

This is because ((219)) is treated exactly like the ungrammatical ((221)).

*the person [ $\epsilon $w<<14246>>i [$\epsilon $C [$\epsilon $i likes Bill]]] 

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