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Wh-moved Adjective complement

In subcategorizations that select an adjective complement, that complement can be questioned in a wh-question, as in sentence ((156)).
Howi did he feel $\epsilon_{i}$? 

Figure: Predicative Adjective tree with extracted adjective: $\alpha $WA1nx0Vax1

The tree families with adjective complements include trees for such adjective extractions that are very similar to the wh-extraction trees for other categories of complements. The adjective position in the VP is filled by an $\epsilon $ and the trace feature of the adjective complement and of the adjective daughter of Sq are co-indexed. The extracted adjective is required to be <wh>=+13.2, so no topicalizations are allowed. An example of this type of tree is shown in Figure 13.6.

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