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Wh-moved NP complement

Wh-questions can be formed on every NP object or indirect object that appears in the declarative tree or in the passive trees, as seen in sentences ((144))-((149)). A tree family will contain one tree for each of these possible NP complement positions. Figure 13.3 shows the two extraction trees from the ditransitive tree family for the extraction of the direct (Figure 13.3(a)) and indirect object (Figure 13.3(b)).
Dania asked Beth a question.  (144)0(144
Whoi did Dania ask $\epsilon_{i}$ a question?  (145)0(145
Whati did Dania ask Beth $\epsilon_{i}$?  (146)0(146
Beth was asked a question by Dania.  (147)0(147
Whoi was Beth asked a question by $\epsilon_{i}$??  (148)0(148
Whati was Beth asked $\epsilon_{i}$? by Dania? 

Figure: Ditransitive trees with direct object: $\alpha $W1nx0Vnx1nx2 (a) and indirect object extraction: $\alpha $W2nx0Vnx1nx2 (b)
\includegraphics[height=2.36in]{/mnt/linc/xtag/work/doc/tech-rept/ps/extraction-files/}   \includegraphics[height=2.36in]{/mnt/linc/xtag/work/doc/tech-rept/ps/extraction-files/}
(a)   (b)

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