1/15 Course Overview

1/20 No class (MLK Day)

1/22 No class (University closed due to snow)

1/27 Guest talk by Chris Callison-Burch on Mechanical Turk

1/29 CrowdDB: Answering Queries with Crowdsourcing, Crowdsourced Databases: Query Processing with People (Susan Davidson).

2/3 Crowdsourced Enumeration Queries (Nan Zheng).

2/5 Human-powered Sorts and Joins (Susan Davidson).

2/10 CrowdQ: Crowdsourced Query Understanding (Nan Zheng).

2/12 CrowdER: Crowdsourcing Entity Resolution (Ling Ding).

2/17 Marie Jacob's talk, 10am Levine 512.

2/19 Leveraging Transitive Relations for Crowdsourced Joins (Susan Davidson).
Active Learning for Crowd-Sourced Databases (Allen Yan).

2/24 (class canceled)

2/26 Using the Crowd for Top-k and Group-by Queries (Susan Davidson).

3/3 Deco: Declarative Crowdsourcing, So Who Won? Dynamic Max Discovery with the Crowd (Susan Davidson).

3/5 Guest talk by Devarshi Ghoshal, "Managing Data and its Provenance in Distributed Environments"

3/10, 3/12 (Spring Break)

3/17 Overview of the Q-project (Zack Ives).

3/19 Evaluating the Crowd with Confidence (Nan Zheng).

3/24 CDAS: a crowdsourcing data analytics system (Susan Davidson), Crowd-Powered Find Algorithms (Ling Ding).

3/26 Reactive Crowdsourcing, Answering search queries with CrowdSearcher (Susan Davidson).

3/31 Choosing the right crowd: expert finding in social networks (Nan Zheng).

4/2 (class canceled)

4/7 Answering Planning Queries with the Crowd (Allen Yan).

4/9 OASSIS: Query Driven Crowd Mining (Susan Davidson).

4/14 Enhancing reuse in scientific workflows (Sarah Cohen-Boulakia).

4/16 (Chris Callison-Burch)

4/21 Guest talk by Tim Kraska.

4/23 Q-system talks by Nan and Allen.

4/28 On the Complexity of Mining Itemsets from the Crowd Using Taxonomies (Allen Yan).

4/30 Provenance and crowd-sourced data (Susan Davidson).