PLClub Discussion Group

Time: Fridays 12:00pm - 1:30pm
Location: Levine 307
Organizers: Hengchu Zhang and Irene Yoon

The PLClub Discussion Group is a weekly meeting for discussing research in programming language theory, functional programming, and logics. For weeks without scheduled talks, we convene at Levine 307 for a social PLClub. Keep an eye out on the [plclub] mailing list!

Latest Talks

Dec 18 2020 Quick Predicate Types Harrison Goldstein
Dec 11 2020 On the Design, Implementation, and Use of Laziness in R Aviral Goel
Dec 4 2020 Datatype Invariants with hs-to-coq Eric Giovannini
Nov 13 2020 Dijkstra Monads Forever Lucas Silver
Nov 6 2020 Liquid Information Flow Control Lef Ioannidis
Oct 30 2020 Constraint Solving in GHC Richard Eisenberg
Oct 23 2020 Shared Session Types Stephanie Balzer
Oct 16 2020 Petr4: Formal Foundations for P4 Data Planes Nate Foster
Oct 9 2020 A Constructive Model of Directed Univalence of Bicubical Sets Matthew Weaver
Oct 2 2020 The Simple Essence of Algebraic Subtyping Nick Rioux
Sep 25 2020 Solving Regular Expression Constraints in Z3 Caleb Stanford
Sep 18 2020 A Separation Logic for Probabilistic Inference Justin Hsu
Sep 11 2020 Action-based reasoning and Tlön model Yao Li
Sep 4 2020 A Brief History of Algebraic Data Types Li-yao Xia
Aug 21 2020 Separation Types Paul He
Aug 6 2020 Computation Focusing Nick Rioux
Jul 24 2020 Serverless Workflows with Azure Durable Functions Konstantinos Kallas
Jul 17 2020 Typing Gödel pt 1: Typing Logic Lawrence Dunn
Jul 3 2020 Testing with Interaction Trees Yishuai Li
Jun 26 2020 Combining Deep and Shallow Embedding for Domain-Specific Languages Hengchu Zhang
Jun 15 2020 Strongly-typed System F in GHC Stephanie Weirich
Jun 12 2020 Algebraic Combinatorial Testing Harrison Goldstein
Jun 5 2020 Fine-Grained Concurrent Separation Logic Irene Yoon
May 29 2020 Concurrent Separation Logic and Subjective Auxiliary State Paul He
May 15 2020 The Julia Language Anton Xue
May 8 2020 Coq Universes Yao Li
Apr 24 2020 Defunctionalization Li-yao Xia
Apr 17 2020 Relational Algebra's Origins and Modern Relevance Phillip Hilliard
Apr 10 2020 A Foretaste of Vellvm 2 Yannick Zakowski
Mar 20 2020 Reasoning Principles for InteractionTrees Lucas Silver
Feb 28 2020 A Simple Quantitative Calculus Pritam Choudhury
Feb 18 2020 Goldilocks and the Three Inference Systems Nick Rioux
Feb 14 2020 Provenance-Guided Synthesis of Datalog Programs Steve Hsu
Feb 7 2020 Software Correctness at Scale through Testing and Verification Leonidas Lampropoulous
Jan 31 2020 Reliable Quantum Programming from the Ground Up Robert Rand
Jan 15 2020 POPL Practice Talks PLClub Members
Dec 13 2019 From representing recursive and impure programs in Coq to a modular formal semantics of LLVM IR Yannick Zakowski
Dec 6 2019 Enforcing Convex I/O Constraints on Differentiable Models Stephen Mell
Nov 1 2019 A Predicate Transformer for Effects (Functional Pearl) Irene Yoon
Oct 23 2019 Regular Expressions: History and Lambda Calculus Lawrence Dunn
Oct 18 2019 Undefined Behaviour and Compilers Calvin Beck
Oct 4 2019 Verifying Neural Networks with Reluplex Steve Hsu
Sep 23 2019 Decidable Type-Checking in Practice Ross Tate
Sep 6 2019 Adventures in Property-Based Testing Benjamin Pierce