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Former Students

  • David Smitley, The Utilization of Processors Interconnected with a Reconfigurable Network, May 1987. (Research Scientist, Supercomputing Research Center, Lanham, Maryland)
  • Amy Zwarico, An Algebraic Model for Communicating Time-Dependent Processes, May 1988. (Assistant Professor, Computer Science Department, the Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, Maryland)
  • Richard Gerber, Communicating Shared Resources: A Model for Distributed Real-Time Systems, August 1991. (Assistant Professor, Department of Computer Science, University of Maryland, College Park, Maryland) (Received the Morris and Dorothy Rubinoff Award for the best CIS Ph.D. dissertation, 1992)
  • Victor Wolfe, Supporting Real-Time Concurrency, August 1991. (Co-advised with Susan B. Davidson) (Assistant Professor, Department of Computer Science, The University of Rhode Island, Kingston, RI)
  • Robert King, Design, Implementation and Evaluation of a Real-Time Kernel for Distributed Robotics, December 1991. (Research Scientist, IBM, Yorktown Heights, NY)
  • Patrice Brémond-Grégoire, A Process Algebra of Communicating Shared Resources with DenseTime and Priorities, May 1994. (Continue working at UNYSIS)
  • Hanêne Ben-Abdallah, GCSR: a Graphical Language for the Specification, Refinement and Analysis of Real-Time Systems, Aug 1996. (Co-advised with Susan B. Davidson) (Postdoc at the University of Waterloo)
  • Duncan Clarke, Testing Real-Time Constraints, Dec 1996. (Assistant Professor, Department of Computer Science, The University of Kentucky, Lexington, KY)
  • Inhye Kang, Real-Time System Analysis based on State-Space Exploration, May 1997. (Assistant Professor, Department of Computer Science, Soong-Sil University, Korea)
  • Hee Hwan Kwak, Process Algebraic Approach to the Parametric Analysis of Real-time Scheduling Problems, Feb 2000. (Senior R&D Engineer II, Synopsys, Portland, OR)
  • Mahesh Viswanathan, Foundations for the Run-Time Analysis of Software Systems, Sept 2000. (Co-advised with Sampath Kannan) (Postdoc at DIMACS, Assistant Professor, Department of Computer Science, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign) (Received the Morris and Dorothy Rubinoff Award for the best CIS Ph.D. dissertation, 2001)
  • Moonjoo Kim, Information Extraction for Run-time Formal Analysis, Dec 2001. (Co-advised with Sampath Kannan) (Postdoc at POSTECH, Korea)
  • Jia Wang, Loss-Sensitive Decision Rules for Intrusion Detection and Response, July 2004. (Co-advised with Link Zhao, Statistics Department) (CEO, Qiming Xingchen Information Technology Inc, Beijing, P.R. China)
  • Insik Shin, A Compositional Framework for Real-time Embedded Systems, Aug 2006. (Assistant Professor, Computer Science Department, KAIST, Korea) homepage
  • Usa Sammapun, Monitoring and Checking of Real-Time and Probabilistic Properties, May 2007. (Co-advised with Oleg Sokolsky)
  • Michael May, Privacy APIs: Formal Models For Analyzing Legal Privacy Requirements, May 2008. (Co-advised with Carl Gunter) homepage
  • Madhukar Anand, Conditional Models for Compositional Design of Real-Time Embedded Systems, May 2008. (Cisco, Data Center Team)
  • Arvind Easwaran, Advances in Hierarchical Real-Time Systems: Incrementality, Optimality, and Multiprocessor Clustering, Dec 2008. (Co-advised with Oleg Sokolsky) (Postdoc, IPP-HURRAY, Polytechnic Institute of Porto)
  • Nikhil Dinesh, Regulatory Conformance: Logic and Logical Form, Dec 2010. (Co-advised with Aravind Joshi) (Researcher, SRI)


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