CIS 541/441: Embedded Software for Life-Critical Applications , Fall 2010

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This course is focused on cyber physical systems with emphasis on real-time issues. Cyber phsyical systems are integrations of computation and communication with physical processes. Embedded computers monitor and control physical processes in real-time. As these embedded computers are increasingly networked, it is believed that there will be a revolutionary transformation. Just as personal computers have transformed from word processors to global communications devices for information gathering and sharing, embedded computers will change from small self-contained systems to cyber-physical systems by sensing, monitoring, controlling our physical environment.

The course is to study priciples, methods, and techiques for building high-assurance cyber-physical systems. Topics will include requirements capture and modeling, mental models, assurance cases, hazard analysis, real-time programming and communication, real-time scheduling and virtual machines, feedback control in computer systems, vertification and validation, and evidence-based certification. The course will include a series of projects that will implement safety-critical embedded systems (e.g., pacemaker, infusion pump).



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