The recent enthusiasm over blockchain technology has created a rush to design, implement and deploy blockchain-based solutions in almost every conceivable domain. Our group is working on analyzing the stability and security of existing blockchain platforms, focusing on rigorous analyses of their incentive mechanisms, and security architecture. I'm currently teaching MCIT 582 Blockchains and Cryptography. My research in the blockchain space is focused on rigorously analyzing the stability of blockchain systems from both the cryptographic and financial perspectives.

Secure Multiparty Computation (MPC)

Secure Multiparty Computation (MPC) allows a group of stakeholders (data owners) to compute joint functions on their underlying data without requiring them to share their data with each other, or any outside party. MPC can be viewed as method for replacing a centralized trusted broker with a decentralized, provably secure cryptographic protocol. In many situations, MPC can be used to allow stakeholders to collaborate and coordinate their actions, without disclosing secret or sensitive information. Our group has developed algorithms and prototype implementations of MPC-protocols for a variety of use-cases, and has maintains one of the most comprehensive surveys of existing MPC compilers.

Predictive modeling

Our group is working on algorithms to help translate data into actionable decisions.