Call for Papers PLILP'95

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                       %%        Call for papers      %%
                       %%      PLILP'95 conference    %%

{\bf                             CALL FOR PAPERS                        
{\Large\bf                          PLILP'95                               
                      Seventh International Symposium on
\\                           Programming Languages,
\\                   Implementations, Logics and Programs
\\{\bf                    Utrecht  (the Netherlands)
}\\                          September 20-22, 1995

            Following the six previous \PLILP\ meetings in Orleans (1988), 
            Link\"{o}ping (1990), Passau (1991), Leuven (1992), Tallinn (1993) 
            and Madrid (1994),  the Seventh International Symposium on 
{\em        Programming Languages, Implementations, Logics and Programs
}           will be held in Utrecht (the Netherlands).
            The meeting will run in parallel with \LoPSTr'95, the 
            Fifth International Workshop on Logic Program Synthesis and 
            LoPSTr and PLILP will share invited lectures and sessions of 
            general interest. 
            The event will be organized by the Computer Science Department 
            of Utrecht University.

\sect{      TOPICS
            \PLILP\ aims at stimulating research on declarative programming 
            languages, and seeks to disseminate insights in the relation 
            between the logics of those languages, implementation techniques 
            and the use of these languages in constructing real programs. 
            Keeping the PLILP acronym, it was decided to change the wording 
            behind it in order to reflect the broadening of the scope 
            of the symposium. 
            It is felt that treating one of these subjects in isolation often 
            does too little justice to the other two aspects, and especially 
            papers dealing with more than one of these subjects are invited. 
            Typical, but not exclusive topics of interest are:
\item       Implementation of declarative concepts
\item       Compiler specification and construction
\item       Program analysis
\item       Program transformation techniques
\item       Programming environments
\item       Implementation issues (system demonstrations)
\item       Executable specifications 
\item       Reasoning about language constructs
\item       Integration of different paradigms
\item       Relation  between declarative paradigms
\item       Term rewriting, narrowing, resolution
\item       Experiences in constructing applications
\item       Typing and structuring systems
            The scientific program will include a number of invited talks 
            in addition to the presentations of the accepted papers. 
            Invited talks, as well as possibly a selection of accepted 
            contributions, will be scheduled for plenary sessions.
            Other accepted contributions will be scheduled for parallel 
            \LoPSTr\ and \PLILP\ sessions. 
            We anticipate the PLILP proceedings to be published by 
            Springer Verlag in the LNCS series. 
            A limited number of scholarships may be available for those 
            participants who are unable to obtain support from other

\sect{      SUBMISSIONS
            Authors are invited to send {\bf five copies} of their manuscripts 
            to \PLILP'95, at Utrecht University, at the address mentioned 
            on the left.
            Papers must describe original, previously unpublished research, 
            be written and presented in English, not exceed 15 pages 
            (A4 or letter format, up to 5,000 words), 
            and not be simultaneously submitted for publication elsewhere. 
            The cover page should include a return mailing address and, 
            if possible, an electronic mail address and a fax number. 
            If at all possible, at the earliest possible moment a message 
            containing the title of the paper, authors, abstract, keywords, 
            and the address information outlined above should be sent by 
            email to the corresponding address.
            Additional information (e.g. on how to submit by email) 
            will be made available through our www server: 
{\tt        http://www.cs.ruu.nl/plilp
}           .

\inform{    PLILP'95
\names{     Program Co-Chairs:
                 Doaitse Swierstra               (Utrecht)
\\                Manuel Hermenegildo            (Madrid)
\names{     Program Committee:
                    Mats Carlsson                (Stockholm)
\\               Michael Codish                  (Beer Sheva)
\\               Patrick Cousot                  (Paris)
\\                  Bart Demoen                  (Leuven)
\\                Pierre Deransart               (Rocquencourt)
\\                Moreno Falaschi                (Udine)
\\               Michael Hanus                   (Saarbr\"ucken)
\\                  Neil Jones                   (K{\o}benhavn)
\\               Herbert Kuchen                  (Aachen)
\\             Alexander Letichevsky             (Kiev)
\\                  Rita Loogen                  (Marburg)
\\                   Jan Ma{\l}uszy\'{n}ski      (Link\"{o}ping)
\\                  Juan Moreno                  (Madrid)
\\               Hiroshi Nakashima               (Kyoto)
\\                 Rinus Plasmeijer              (Nijmegen)
\\              Laurence Puel                    (Orsay)
\\                 Mario Rodr\'{\i}guez-Artalejo (Madrid)
\\             Francesca Rossi                   (Pisa)
\\                 Peter Stuckey                 (Melbourne)
\\                 David Warren                  (Bristol)
\\                  Will Winsborough             (Pennsylvania)
\names{     Local organisers:
                  Jeroen Fokker
\\                  Erik Meijer
\\                Margje Punt

\info       {Deadline for submissions:}            {March 6, 1995}
\info       {Notification of acceptance/rejection:}{May 17,  1995}
\info       {Deadline for final text:}             {June 28, 1995}
\info       {Conference:}                          {September 20--22, 1995}

\inform{    INFORMATION
\info       {by email:}        {plilp-info@cs.ruu.nl}
\info       {or WWW:}          {http://www.cs.ruu.nl/plilp}
\info       {or surface mail:} {PLILP'95
\\                              Vakgroep Informatica
\\                              Utrecht University
\\                              P.O.Box 80.089
\\                              3508 TB Utrecht
\\                              the Netherlands
\\                              Phone: +31 30 531454
\\                              Fax:   +31 30 513791

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PLILP'95 Conference         email: plilp-info@cs.ruu.nl
Dept.Computer Science       WWW:   http://www.cs.ruu.nl/plilp
Utrecht University          phone: +31 30 531454
P.O.Box 80.089              fax:   +31 30 513791
3508 TB Utrecht
the Netherlands