CS position in Uppsala

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Applications are invited for a permanent position as senior lecturer
at the department of Computing Science, Uppsala University, Sweden.
The department has two chairs in computer science, one in computing
science and one in applied computing science.  The senior lectureship
is with the computing science group.

Virtually all research being conducted in the group is related to
computational logic and other declarative programming paradigms.
However, many different aspects are studied, ranging from topics such
as efficient execution on sequential and parallel computers to
AI-oriented questions, for example, about automated reasoning.

Requirements: PhD in computer science. Applicants should have strong
research and teaching records.

APPLICATIONS CLOSE: January 9, 1995.

GENERAL INFORMATION: For information on the application procedure, call
Christina Lindberg, telephone +46-18-181867, fax +46--18-181999.

For information about the computing science research group contact:

	Jonas Barklund			Hakan Millroth
	email: jonas@csd.uu.se		email: hakanm@csd.uu.se
	tel. +46-18-181050		tel +46-18-181056
	fax  +46-18-511530		fax +46-18-511925