change of address

I am leaving to China for one year, on August 30. I'll be Invited  
professor at the Tsinghua University in Beijing. It will be less  
easy, but still possible to communicate with me during this  
forthcoming year.

Precisely, I'll have:

1) an address, to which send things by snail mail as in the good old  
times (notice that Fedexp and the like go to Beijing!)

P.-L. Curien
French Embassy in Beijing
San Litun
Dong San Jie 3
Beijing 100600

2) A phone and fax (since it is at our home, beware of the time  

(86 1) 5321382

3) I hope to be able to read my email regularly by phone connection  
to an account opened for me at the UNUIST in Macau. I'll put a  
.forward on my account here, so you can continue to use 


or (but not both, please) directly to


PLEASE avoid sending long mails to me, e.g.  papers (send them by  
mail, I will be very pleased to receive many papers in my loneliness  
in the middle of 1.3 billiard people).

Best wishes to everybody,
Pierre-Louis Curien

PS: Notice that I am temporarily resigning my enrollment in the types  
mailing list, to control the size of the mail. But if you feel that  
an announcement you propose to types is likely to interest me, please  
cc your message to me.