Online LICS bibliography updated

The online bibliography for the Annual IEEE Symposium on Logic in Computer
Science has now been updated to include all of the papers published in the
proceedings of the Eighth meeting, which took place in June 1993.  The
bibliography contains abstracts for all of the papers from the 1993

The bibliography, which is in BibTeX format, is available via anonymous ftp
and mail server from theory.lcs.mit.edu [] in the file

To retrieve the file via ftp, connect to theory using "anonymous" as the
login name and "guest" as the password.

To retrieve the file via mail server, send a message to the address
archive-server@theory.lcs.mit.edu with the following line in the body:

        send meyer lics.bib

An index of other available files can be retrieved with the command

        send meyer Index

More information on the archive-server can be obtained by sending a message
with only the word "help" in the body.

David M. Jones
MIT Lab for Computer Science
Secretary to Professor Albert R. Meyer