New book: Theory and Formal Methods 1993


"Theory and Formal Methods 1993"

Eds. Geoffrey Burn, Simon Gay and Mark Ryan

A new title in Springer's "Workshops in Computing" Series.

Proceedings of the First Imperial College Department of Computing
Workshop on Theory and Formal Methods, Isle of Thorns Conference
Centre, Chelwood Gate, Sussex, UK, 29--31 Match 1993.

The Theory and Formal Methods Section of the Imperial College
Department of College has an international reputation for research
into the foundations of computer science, and the application of this
theory to real computing problems. In March 1993 it held the first in
a proposed series of workshops on theory and formal methods at the
Isle of Theory Conference Centre in Sussex, UK. This volume contains
revised versions of the papers presented at the workshop. They cover
four main areas --- semantics, concurrency, logic, and specification
-- with several papers spanning a variety of disciplines. The
contributions fall into two main categories: review papers which
provide the reader with an introduction to some specific areas being
studied by the Section, and research papers which give details of the
latest results in these areas.

THEORY AND FORMAL METHODS 1993 provides a comprehensive overview of
the work being carried out by one of the world's leading research
centres in theory and formal methods. It will be of interest to
practitioners and researchers, as well as post- and undergraduate


Geoffrey Burn
The Abstract Interpretation of Functional Languages
Roy Crole
Deriving Category Theory from Type Theory
Steve Vickers
Geometric Logic in Computer Science

Chris Hankin
Graph Rewriting Systems and Abstract Interpretation


Samson Abramsky
Interaction Categories
Mark Dawson
Animating LU

Abbas Edalat
Dynamical Systems, Measures and Fractals via Domain Theory

Abbas Edalat
Self-Duality, Minimal Invariant Objects and Karoubi
Invariance in Information Categories

Lindsay Errington, Chris Hankin and Thomas Jensen
Reasoning about GAMMA Programs

Jose  Fiadeiro and Tom Maibaum
Generalising Interpretation between Theories in the Context 
of (pi-)Institutions

Simon Gay and Raja Nagarajan
Modelling SIGNAL in Interaction Categories

Reinhold Heckmann
Product Operations in Strong Monads

Michael Huth
On the Equivalence of State-transition Systems

Stuart Kent
Towards a Modal Logic of Durative Actions 

Marta Kwiatkowska
Concurrency, Fairness, and Logical Complexity

Marta Kwiatkowska and Iain Phillips
Concurrency and Conflict in CSP

Sarah Liebert
A Complete Axiom System for CCS with a Stability Operator

Ian Mackie, Leopoldo Roman and Samson Abramsky
An Internal Language for Autonomous Categories

Juarez Muylaert Filho and Geoffrey Burn
Continuation-passing Transformation and Abstract Interpretation

Iain Phillips
A Note on the Expressiveness of Process Algebra

Mark Ryan
Prioritising Preference Relations

David Sands
Laws of Parallel Synchronised Termination

Zvi Schreiber
Implementing Process Calculi in C

Paul Taylor
An Exact Interpretation of While

Irek Ulidowski
Congruences for tau-respecting Formats of Rules

Theory and Formal Methods 1993
Eds. Geoffrey Burn, Simon Gay and Mark Ryan
Springer-Verlag London, 1993.
336pp (approx), 32 figures, 12 tables. Soft cover. Publication due:
September 1993. Price: 37 pounds (30 pounds to members of the BCS).
ISBN 3-540-19842-3.


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