Referees Wanted

Seeking anonymous referees for the following papers:

Klaus Grue
``Map Theory 93''

A.J. Kfoury, S. Ronchi della Rocca, J. Tiuryn, and P. Urzyczyn
``On the Elimination of Alpha-Conversion in Higher-Order Lambda-Calculi''

Jim Lambek
``Programs, grammars and arguments: a personal view of some connections
between computation, language and logic''

Lawrence Paulson
``Co-induction and Co-recursion in Higher-order Logic''

John Shepherdson
``Language and Equality Theory in Logic Programming''

The papers are intended for the forthcoming Alonzo Church Festschrift;
all referees will receive complimentary copies of the book, to be
published by CSLI/University of Chicago Press.

Michael Zeleny@husc.harvard.edu