paper available: 2nd-order Lambda Calculus Typability Undecidable

This note is the announcement of the availability of a preliminary draft
version of my paper "Typability and Type Checking in the Second-Order
Lambda Calculus Are Equivalent and Undecidable".  The preliminary draft is
available via anonymous FTP from the host CS.BU.EDU in the directory
"pub/jbw/logic".  There are two files:

  f-undecidable.ps     (376K)  PostScript.
  f-undecidable.ps.gz   (79K)  Compressed PostScript.

To ward off the likelihood that everyone will bombard me with the comment
that lemmas 3.3 and 3.4 are redundant, let me say that both of these
lemmas will probably disappear from the final version.

I have reason to believe that some PostScript printers may have problems
with this document.  The complete document is 19 pages long.  If your
PostScript printer can not print certain pages, please tell me.  Please
include the manufacturer, model, and version of the printer.  If you can
isolate the particular piece of PostScript that makes the printer bomb,
that will be very helpful.  I do not distribute a DVI version of the
document since the document uses a version of Timothy Van Zandt's PSTricks
package that is in beta-testing and is highly unlikely to be installed at
most sites.

The file ending with the ".gz" suffix is compressed with the "gzip"
program, which is available via anonymous FTP from the host
PREP.AI.MIT.EDU in the directory "pub/gnu" with filenames
"gzip-1.2.3.msdos.exe", "gzip-1.2.3.shar", "gzip-1.2.3.tar", and
"gzip-1.2.3.tar.gz".  Please don't ask me to compress files with the
normal UNIX "compress" program, since that program uses an algorithm which
is patented in the U.S.A.  Unfortunately, using "compress" is either
patent infringement if my UNIX supplier (Sun) has not paid the patent
royalties or immoral if it has.


Joe Wells <jbw@cs.bu.edu>
Member of the League for Programming Freedom --- send e-mail for details