Re: SLNM 344, corrected ftp-address

At 11:24 am 23-7-93 +0200, Marc Bezem wrote:

>The previous message contained an inaccessible ftp-address.  I am very
>sorry to have caused this inconvenience. The fact is, that in the last
>few weeks our systems group has installed a new operating system, with
>many resultant changes. The message on the new edition was composed
>before this change took place. Now one should ftp to
>        mail@fwi.uva.nl
>For the sake of completeness I give the corrected message below.
>Greetings, A.S. Troelstra.

Sorry to intervene again. You cannot ftp to an e-mail address -- it's only
to a *site*. The correct ftp address is