If you would like a copy of the draft programme of the
Conference please mail me your name and address and I will send
one to you in the post.

Jayne Beardmore
Conference Secretary

                               LOGIC COLLOQUIUM '93
                                UNIVERSITY OF KEELE
                                JULY 20 - 29, 1993

          Note  that  in  the  following  text the symbol # indicates an
          amount in pounds sterling.

          The European Summer Meeting of the ASL (Logic  Colloquium '93)
          will be held at the University of Keele, England, from Tuesday
          July 20 to Thursday July 29, 1993.  The meeting will be  spon-
          sored  by  the  British Logic Colloquium and the University of
          Keele.  Lectures will be timetabled from July 21  to  July 28,
          with  some  periods left for excursions.  July 29 is departure

          The Keele University campus is close to the Staffordshire Pot-
          teries  and  the city of Stoke-on-Trent, mid-way between Birm-
          ingham and Manchester.  It is a  large  rural  campus,  a  few
          miles  west  of  Newcastle-under-Lyme (not to be confused with
          the larger and better known city of Newcastle-upon-Tyne, which
          is  150 miles north east of Keele!), with easy access from the
          M6 motorway, the British Rail stations at  Stoke-on-Trent  and
          Crewe  (approximately  2  hours  travel time from London), and
          Manchester and Birmingham airports.  More details on travel to
          Keele will be sent with acknowledgment of registration.


          The following invited speakers  have agreed to lecture.

                   Arnon Avron             
                   Andreas Baudisch        
                   Andreas Blass           
                   Kosta Dosen             
                   Randall Dougherty       
                   Moti Gitik
		   Ronald Jensen
		   Dick de Jongh
		   Ulrich Kohlenbach
		   Sabine Koppelberg
		   Daniel Lascar
		   Daniel Lehmann
		   Alain Louveau
		   Daniele Mundici
		   Juergen Ohlbach
		   Evgenia Rabinovich
		   Harold Simmons
		   Robert Staerk
		   Lou van den Dries
		   Michiel van Lambalgen
		   Jaap van Oosten
		   Alex Wilkie
		   Boris Zil'ber

          It  is  hoped  to  include  one  or  two short courses on some
          aspects of the application of logic to computer science.

          The Members of the PROGRAMME COMMITTEE are:

                    Dov Gabbay               David Makinson
                    Wilfrid Hodges (Chair)   Stephen Read
                    Martin Hyland            Charles Steinhorn
                    Thomas Jech              Anne Troelstra
                                             and John Truss


          Contributed papers  are  invited  from  all  areas  of  logic.
          Abstracts  should  be double spaced and not more than one page
          long (about 300 words).  They should be sent by April 19, 1993

               The Chairman of the Programme Committee,
               Professor Wilfrid Hodges,
               School of Mathematical Sciences,
               Queen Mary and Westfield College,
               Mile End Road,
               London E1 4NS,
               Email W.Hodges@qmw.ac.uk, FAX +44(0)81 981 9587).

          Only  the  abstracts from members of the ASL are normally pub-
          lished in the  Journal of Symbolic Logic.

          Facilities for email and for demonstrating software for teach-
          ing logic will be provided.


          Accommodation will be provided in the University Residences at
          the Hawthorns, in Keele village.  Prices are  for  full  board
          for  24  hours.   All  rooms at the Hawthorns are single study
          bedrooms.  Rooms with en suite facilities are available at #55
          per  day,  and with wash basin only at #38 per day.  For those
          requiring a higher standard of accommodation, rooms are avail-
          able  in  the  Keele  Conference Hotel at #60 (wash basin, TV,
          tea/coffee making facilities) or #85 (en suite, TV and  radio,
          tea/coffee  making facilities, Direct Dial Telephone) per day.
          A few double rooms will be available on a  `first  come  first
          served' basis.  Accompanying person(s) will normally be accom-
          modated in adjacent rooms.  The accommodation is about 15 min-
          utes walking distance from the centre of the University, where
          the lectures will take place, but buses will provide transport
          between the Hawthorns and the lecture rooms.  A deposit of #50
          per room is required to secure room bookings.


          There will be a registration desk at the  Hawthorns  from  2pm
          until midnight on Tuesday, July 20.  From July 21 registration
          will be at the Department of Computer Science.  The  REGISTRA-
          TION  FEE  is  #135.  
          For accompanying persons the fee is #50. 


          It  is  hoped  that there will be limited financial assistance
          for those who would otherwise not be able to attend.   If  you
          wish  to  apply  for  financial  assistance,  please send full
          details of your current position,  title  of  any  contributed
          paper,  educational attainments as relevant, and (if possible)
          a recommendation from some senior person who knows your  work;
          also  a clear statement of the amount of help you will need if
          you are to attend.


               Logic Colloquium '93,
               Department of Computer Science,
               The University,
               ST5 5BG

          The Chair of the Organising Committee  is  Mr  A.A.  Treherne.
          The Secretary dealing with the meeting is Mrs Jayne Beardmore.

                   Email:       jayne@cs.keele.ac.uk
                   Fax:         +44 782 713082 (International)
                                0782 713082 (UK)
                   Telephone:   +44 782 583446 (International)
                                0782 583446 (UK)

          Please send the completed registration and booking form  below
          to  this address as soon as possible with the registration fee
          and deposit for accommodation.  



          |Surname                             | First name       Title    |
          |                                    |                           |
          |Institution                         |                           |
          |                                    |                           |
          |Street (Specify institution or home)| Telephone                 |
          |                                    |                           |
          |                                    +---------------------------+
          |                                    | Postal Code               |
          |City                                |                           |
          |Country                             | Fax                       |
          |                                    |                           |
          |                                    |                           |
          |                                    | e-mail                    |

          Accompanying Person(s): ........................................


                     ROOM BOOKING FORM - LOGIC COLLOQUIUM '93

                      Please tick box [] where appropriate.

          Please  reserve  the following accommodation at the Hawthorns,
          single room, full board :

          ARRIVAL DATE: ...............   DEPARTURE DATE: ...............

          COST PER DAY             with wash basin   en suite
          Study Bedroom                [] #38         [] #55
          Keele Conference Hotel       [] #60         [] #85

          SPECIAL REQUIREMENTS: (Request for details  of  double  rooms;
          vegetarian meals etc.)

          Normal rate                         [] #135
          Reduced rate for
                  accompanying persons        [] #50


                           .... room(s) @ #50 per room.  Total : .......

          Payment must be made to the University  of  Keele,  in  pounds
          sterling  drawn  on a British Bank or by Eurocheque or Bankers
          Draft.  Cheques must be crossed.  Payment can alternatively be
          made by one of the following credit cards:

          |[] ACCESS  [] VISA                   | Card Number          |
          |[] MASTERCARD  [] EUROCARD           |                      |
          |Expiry Date                          | Signature            |
          |                                     |                      |

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