Re: par symbol in TeX

	It is called "stmary" and was written by Alan Jeffery, now at Sussex (England).
	You can get it from the International TeX Archive at
		Stuttgart, ftp.uni-stuttgart.de,
		Aston, ftp.tex.ac.uk,
	or	SHSU, ftp.shsu.edu,
	in a directory with a name like
	There are both MF and PK files available.
	To use it, do \documentstyle[stmaryrd]
	then the par symbol is called \bindnasrepma.

Let me encourage people who broadcast instructions for retrieving
something to check that the instructions work on all machines listed,
exactly as given.  This will save us all a lot of time.  (I wasted
fifteen minutes wandering around all three of the above machines
without finding a single stmary?.mf file using the above instructions,
trying various creative permutations of the above pathname.)


(linear moderator:  I agree with Vaughan.  I found the material on
machine ftp.tex.ac.uk in direcotry  /pub/archive/fonts/stmary  
only after some fiddling.)