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Portability non-portable (only on platforms that provide a regex lib)
Stability experimental
Maintainer libraries@haskell.org
Regular expressions
Regular expression matching. Uses the POSIX regular expression interface in Text.Regex.Posix.
data Regex
mkRegex :: String -> Regex
mkRegexWithOpts :: String -> Bool -> Bool -> Regex
matchRegex :: Regex -> String -> Maybe [String]
matchRegexAll :: Regex -> String -> Maybe (String, String, String, [String])
Regular expressions
data Regex
A compiled regular expression
mkRegex :: String -> Regex
Makes a regular expression with the default options (multi-line, case-sensitive). The syntax of regular expressions is otherwise that of egrep (i.e. POSIX "extended" regular expressions).
:: StringThe regular expression to compile
-> BoolTrue <=> '^' and '$' match the beginning and end of individual lines respectively, and '.' does not match the newline character.
-> BoolTrue <=> matching is case-sensitive
-> RegexReturns: the compiled regular expression
Makes a regular expression, where the multi-line and case-sensitve options can be changed from the default settings.
:: RegexThe regular expression
-> StringThe string to match against
-> Maybe [String]Returns: Just strs if the match succeeded (and strs is the list of subexpression matches), or Nothing otherwise.
Match a regular expression against a string
:: RegexThe regular expression
-> StringThe string to match against
-> Maybe (String, String, String, [String])

Returns: Nothing if the match failed, or:

  Just ( everything before match,
         portion matched,
         everything after the match,
         subexpression matches )
Match a regular expression against a string, returning more information about the match.
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