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Stability internal
Maintainer cvs-ghc@haskell.org

The GHC.Err module defines the code for the wired-in error functions, which have a special type in the compiler (with "open tyvars").

We cannot define these functions in a module where they might be used (e.g., GHC.Base), because the magical wired-in type will get confused with what the typechecker figures out.

irrefutPatError :: Addr# -> a
noMethodBindingError :: Addr# -> a
nonExhaustiveGuardsError :: Addr# -> a
patError :: Addr# -> a
recSelError :: Addr# -> a
recConError :: Addr# -> a
runtimeError :: Addr# -> a
absentErr :: a
divZeroError :: a
error :: String -> a
assertError :: Addr# -> Bool -> a -> a
undefined :: a
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