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How the 1.1 Release Affects Existing Trails

This page summarizes how the JDK 1.1 release affects all the trails in the 1.0 tutorial.

Getting Started

All the material in this trail is still valid [doublecheck] for 1.1, with one exception: JavaSoft has not released a Mac OS version of JDK 1.1, so please ignore the Mac OS instructions. See the Java Development Kit home page for information on when the Mac OS version is expected.

Writing Java Programs (1.1notes)

The API covered by this trail has changed in fairly limited areas. New features include internationalization, inner classes, and character streams.

Writing Applets

The basic applet API hasn't changed, except for the addition of an attribute to the <APPLET> tag. The new parameter, ARCHIVE, lets you specify the Java archive (JAR) file or files that contain the applet's class and data files.

Since applets can use most of the classes in the JDK, most of the changes described in other trails apply to applets, as well. Applets are probably most affected by the 1.1 changes to the AWT (see Creating a User Interface). Another significant change is that signed classes make it possible to create trusted applets (depending on browser support).

Creating a User Interface

The AWT has changed significantly, but retains backward compatibility. See GUI Changes: The AWT Grows Up(in the new JDK 1.1 documentation) for an overview and for detailed documentation of the new API.

Custom Networking and Security (1.1notes)

The JDK 1.1 made several enhancements to the networking package, most notably extendable sockets and BSD-style options.

Integrating Native Methods into Java Programs

As was threatened from the start, the 1.0 native methods API has completely changed. See Integrating Native Code and Java Programs for information about the new API.

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