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API Changes Affecting Custom Networking and Security

The JDK 1.1 made several enhancements to the networking package: support was added for selected BSD-style socket options, Socket and ServerSocket are non-final, extendable classes, new subclasses of SocketException have been added for finer granularity in reporting and handling network errors, support was added for multicasting. The JDK 1.1 also includes general performance improvements and bug fixes.

To this end, these classes and interfaces were added to the package:

New Classes:

New Exception Classes:

New Interface:
For information about changes to existing classes see the notes in the following lessons:
Working with URLs (1.1notes)
A minor change was made to the URLConnection class and some bugs in that class were fixed.
All About Sockets (1.1notes)
Several enhancements were made to the networking package.
All About Datagrams (1.1notes)
Several methods were added to DatagramPacket and DatagramSocket.
Providing Your Own Security Manager
The JDK 1.1 release contains an entire new set of security APIs in the package and it's subpackage. See our new trail, Java Security 1.1 (in the new JDK 1.1 documentation), for information about the new 1.1 security APIs. For even more information, check out the information at the JDK 1.1 website: Security and Signed Applets

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