XTAG meeting on Nov 18th, 10:30am


This thursday is the first session for discussions on treatment of
semantics in XTAG. We decided that we will first familiarize ourselves
with the literature on TAG semantics, and we are reading the following two
papers for this week. Copies of the papers can be picked up at the stand
near the reception area at IRCS. 

(1) Stuart Shieber and Yves Schabes (1990), "Synchronous Tree Adjoining
	Grammars", In Proceedings of the 13th International Conference on
	Computational Linguistics (COLING'90)

(2) Anne Abeille (1994), "Syntax or Semantics? Handling Nonlocal
	Dependencies with MCTAGS or Synchronous TAGS", In Computational
	Intelligence 1994, vol 10(4) pp 471-485

(Note that these sessions will alternate (not in the strict sense of the
word though) with our other ongoing engagements).