XTAG meeting on Thursday, Nov 11, 10:30am

Hi all, 

This week we will consider future work on the addition of
computational semantics to the XTAG grammar. So the proposal is to
first familiarize ourselves with the TAG semantics (and
syntax-semantics interface) literature over the next few weeks in the
XTAG meetings. We will concentrate on computational treatments. More
theoretical linguistics papers on the subject we will try to cover in
a separate reading group, but could be part of future meetings.

The agenda for this weeks XTAG meeting will simply consist of
considering which readings will be appropriate for next week. Please
be ready to bring your favorite paper on TAG semantics for
consideration. The following items are already on the table as

We should also discuss whether a general treatment of semantics and
syntax-semantics in the XTAG grammar is possible/useful or whether
only a semantics which is very application-specific is feasible.


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- Rashmi