Graduate Student Office Committee

Welcome to the CIS Department's Graduate Student Office Committee website!

The Office Committee is composed of two students and one administrative person. The committee's function is to deal with student office assignment for the CIS department.

The role of the administrative person is to collect information about office space being freed, to handle and receive keys and to deal with other, related matters. The role of the student(s) is to maintain this website, hold an office assignment lottery (administered via this website) and process the data on current students to determine who can be put into the available office space.

The Office Committee holds the office assignment lottery at the beginning of each semester. Based on criteria laid out in our policies, students with the most points will be assigned offices in the available office space.

N.B.: Please be aware that office space is often quite limited, and that while we try accommodate as many people as possible (again, as determined by the policies), it is always a challenge.