CIS 505: Software Systems

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The project due date and late penalties are as follows:

Here's a revised schedule for the demo. Groups with a conflict with the 502 exam were moved to 4 - 5 pm. Groups 3 and 12 were also moved since they no longer had a partner group for cross testing. Let me know if there are any more conflicts ASAP and we'll figure something out. If you're not on this list, you need to email me right away.

Please be present 10 min before your alloted time for the demo. Ensure that you are setup and ready to go when your time comes. Please make sure to use the implementation version that you submitted to blackboard. Try and have two laptops per group for the demo. Contact TA's in advance for logistic support, if any.

You will be given a test plan just prior to your scheduled demo. During the demo, all you need to do is follow the test plan.

Group 3 10:00 AM
Ankit Choudhari (ankitkc)
Tarak Mehta (mehtatb)

Group 4 10:00 AM
Mike Mattozzi (amattozz)
Margaret Troncelliti (mktronce)

Group 5 10.30 AM
Dinesh Nadar (dineshk)
Vishal Karmalkar (vishalak)
Prasanth Narayan (prasanth)

Group 6 10.30 AM
Vaios Kalpias-Ilias (vkalpias)
Matthew Chu (mdchu)
Yitzchak Novick (ynovick)

Group 7 11:00 AM
Noorain Ahmed (noorain)
Fei Wang (fwang)
Qi Zhang (zhangqi)

Group 8 11.00 AM
Lee Gumnic (gumnic)
Yuan Jiang (jiangyua)

Group 10 11.30 AM
Benjamin Gojman (bgojman)
Rafi Rubin (rafi)

Group 12 11.30 AM
Anthony Cowley (acowley)
Babak Shirmohammadi (babaks)

Group 1 4:00 PM
Debajit Adhikary (debajit)
Khader Naziruddin (khadera)
Ayesha Muntimadugu (ayesham2)
Anita Bansera (bansera)

Group 11 4:00 PM
Muhammad Salman Mehmood (salmanm)
Neha Kataria (nehak)
Sridevi Narayan (sridevi)

Group 15 4:30 PM
Michael McDuffee (mrmcduff)
Joseph Schorr (jschorr)

Group 13 4:30 PM
Ben Ashpole (bashpole)
Sandy Clark (
Lucas Champollion (

Group 16 5:00 PM
Jiwoong Sim (jiwoong)

Group 17 5:00 PM
Jeff Sherman (shermajr)

Group 14 5:30 PM
Benjamin Sunshine-Hill (bsunshin)
Leonid Spesivtsev (spesiv)

Group 9 5:30 PM
Tanmoy Chakraborty (tanmoy)
Varun Singhal (vsinghal)
Arun Raghavan: (arraghav)

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