ICALP'97 -- first call for papers

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         %                                                   %
         %                      ICALP '97                    %
         %                      =========                    %
         %     24th International Colloquium on Automata,    %
         %            Languages, and Programming             %
         %                                                   %
         %      Bologna, Italy, July 7th -- 11th, 1997       %
         %                                                   %
         %           PRELIMINARY CALL FOR PAPERS             %

The 24th annual meeting of the European Association for Theoretical
Computer Science will take place in Bologna, Italy, July 7-11
1997. ICALP '97 comes in conjunction with the 25th anniversary of the
foundation of EATCS.  To celebrate the SILVER JUBILEE, this edition of
ICALP includes several new events:

- Celebration of EATCS and of its founders (keynote speaker M. Nivat)

- Invited Lectures on major advances in theoretical computer science
  since EATCS has been established:
        R. Milner (Cambridge)           M.O. Rabin (Jerusalem and Harvard)
        C. Papadimitriou (Berkeley)     D.S. Scott (Pittsburgh)

- Invited Lectures on the state of the art and new promising trends:
        K.R. Apt (Amsterdam)            K. Mehlhorn (Saarbrucken)
        R.J. Lipton (Princeton)         D. Perrin (Paris)

- A panel on ` Funding Policies for Theoretical Computer Science' with
  representatives from major research agencies and form the European

- A number of Satellite Workshops, listed below, on theory and

The Program Committee represents both tracks of the journal
Theoretical Computer Science, covering `algorithms, automata,
complexity and games' and `formal methods, logic, semantics and theory
of programming' equally.  If enough good papers are submitted,
parallel sessions will be organised.  A WWW page, containing further
information and latest news is installed under the URL
mirrored in North America at the URL

Papers presenting original contributions in any area of theoretical
computer science are being sought. Topics include (but are not limited

  computability, automata, formal languages, new computing paradigms,
  term rewriting, analysis and design of algorithms, computational
  geometry, computational complexity, symbolic and algebraic
  computation, cryptography and security, data types and data
  structures, theory of data base and knowledge bases, semantics of
  programming languages, program specification and verification,
  foundations of logic programming, parallel and distributed
  computation, theory of concurrency, theory of robotics, theory of
  logical design and layout.

  P. Degano, Pisa (Co-Chair)         M. Cosnard, Lyon
  W. Drabent, Warsaw & Linkoping     J. Diaz, Barcelona
  R. Gorrieri, Bologna (O.C. Chair)  A. Fiat, Tel Aviv
  G. Gottlob, Wien                   J. van Leeuwen, Utrecht
  J.W. Klop, Amsterdam               A. Marchetti-Spaccamela, Roma (Co-Chair)
  T. Maibaum, London                 B. Monien, Paderborn
  J. Meseguer, Menlo Park            T. Nishizeki, Sendai
  F. Nielson, Aarhus                 J.E. Pin, Paris
  A. Pnueli, Rehovot                 B. Rovan, Bratislava
  P.S. Thiagarajan, Madras           R. Tamassia, Providence
  P. Wegner,  Providence             E. Ukkonen, Helsinki

Authors are invited to submit seven copies of an extended abstract not
exceeding twelve pages to:

      Prof. Pierpaolo Degano -- ICALP'97
      Dipartimento di Informatica
      Universita' di Pisa
      I-56125 Pisa, Italy
      email: degano@di.unipi.it

Authors from countries where access to copying machines is difficult
may submit a single copy of their abstract. Simultaneous submission of
papers to any journal or to another conference with published
proceedings is not allowed.  Electronic submission of papers is
solicited. Instructions can be found at
                  http: //w3-theory.di.unipi.it/icalp
or will be obtained by sending a mail with subject ``submission
information'' to the address: icalp@di.unipi.it

Proceedings will be published by Springer-Verlag in the series Lecture
Notes in Computer Science. A Special Issue of the Journal of
Theoretical Computer Science will be devoted to selected papers from
the conference.

- Deadline for submission:      January 15th, 1997 (* Note the change *)
- Notification of acceptance:   March 17th, 1997
- Final manuscript due:         April 15th, 1997
- Conference:                   July 7th -- 11th, 1997

Rob van Glabbeek (Stanford), Kim Larsen (Aalborg), J. Karhumaki (Turku),
Taishin Y. Nishida (Toyama), Jan Rutten (Amsterdam),
Bernhard Steffen (Passau).

ICALP'97 is organized by the Department of Computer Science of the
University of Bologna. The Organizing committee is chaired by:

      Prof. Roberto Gorrieri
      Mura Anteo Zamboni 7, I-40126 Bologna, Italy
      Tel. +39.51.354509   Fax. +39.51.354510
      email: gorrieri@cs.unibo.it.

assisted by the following members:
Andrea Asperti, Marco Bernardo, Chiara Bodei, Nadia Busi, Paolo
Ciancarini, Renzo Davoli, Riccardo Focardi, Stefano Leonardi, Andrea
Masini, Marco Roccetti, Paola Salomoni, Vladimiro Sassone, Roberto
Segala (v.-Chair), Gianluigi Zavattaro.

ICALP SATELLITE WORKSHOPS (dates and sites provisional)
- Second International Workshop on Advanced Intelligent Networks (AIN'97) -
  Cesena (4-5 July) - Organizers: T. Margaria and B. Steffen (Passau).

- Workshop on New Trends in Semantics - Bologna (4-6 July) Organizers:
  A.Asperti (Bologna), E.Moggi (Genua) and G. Rosolini (Genua).

- Second International ERCIM Workshop on Formal Methods in Industrial
  Critical Systems - Cesena (4-5 July) - Organizers: S. Gnesi, D. Latella,
  L. Simoncini (Pisa).

- Workshop on Recent Developments in Formal Languages - Prato (4-5 July)
  Organizer: S.Varricchio (L'Aquila).

- Final meeting of the ESPRIT 8130 project LOMAPS - Bologna (6 July)
  Organizer: F. Nielson (Aarhus).

- Workshop on Algorithmic Aspects of Communication - Bologna (11-12 July) -
  Organizers: M. Bonuccelli (Pisa) and A. Marchetti-Spaccamela (Rome).

- Second International Workshop on Verification of Infinite State Systems
  (Infinity) - Bologna (11-12 July) - Organizer: F.Moller (Uppsala).

- Workshop on Approximation and Randomized Techniques in Computer Science -
  Bologna (12 July) - Organizers: P. Crescenzi (Rome), J. Rolim (Geneva).

Best student paper award: this prize will be given to a paper written
solely by one or more students. The paper is eligible only if all the
authors are full-time students at the time of submission. This should
be indicated in the submission letter. The Program Committee may
decline to make the award, or split it into several papers.

ICALP'97 is organized under the auspices of the European Association for
Theoretical Computer Science, the Section on Informatics of the Academia
Europaea, the Universities of Bologna and Pisa.
Other sponsoring institutions are: CNR, EU-DGIII, ONR-Europe.

- EATCS General Assembly, with renewal of the Board and of the President.
- Goedel prize.
- Accompanying persons programme with guided tours to cities of arts --
  on demand.
- Opera at the Arena in Verona, by night -- on demand.

The final program will be sent to all submitters and to all EATCS members. 
To add your name to the mailing list or to obtain further information, 
please send email to icalp97@cs.unibo.it.

Italiana & Co.
Via Altabella, 3, I-40126 Bologna - Italy
Tel. +39.51.228716, Fax. +39.51.222881
email:  italiana@bo.nettuno.it    or    icalp-co@cs.unibo.it